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mihail dichev sound design

Mihail Dichev

Mihail Dichev – sound designer/re-recording mixer

For him:
Mihail Dichev is the founder and owner of the biggest audio post production facility in Bulgaria. He has accomplished a lot of local and international projects and has won the Golden Umbrella Award for Sound Design twice.

For the company:
Leon Audio is a well known and respected audio post production company in Bulgaria. This facility has managed only for few years to make a number of the most successful and watched Bulgarian featured films and TV series. Thеse projects put Leon Audio on the top of the list with Audio Post Production Companies in Bulgaria.

Shmenti Capelli – The legend (TV Series, 2013);
Undercover (TV Series, 2011-2013);
Revolution Z (TV Series, 2013);
Familiata (TV Series, 2013);
One More Dream (Featured Film, 2012);
Dad Made Dirty Movies (Bulgarian-German Documentary, 2011);
Operation “Shmenti-Capelli” (Featured Film, 2011);
Love.net (Featured Film, 2011);
Now and Forever (Documentary, 2011);
Shelter (Featured Film, 2010);
Kuba e musika (Documentary, 2009);
Zift (Featured Film, 2008).

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