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Dragomir Sholev Director

Dragomir Sholev

Graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts /Animation & Film directing), Drago was assistant director in number of feature films and director of more than 250 commercials, music videos and short movies.

He is an award winner for “Best short’’ for his film “Before Life, After Death”.
His debut film “Shelter” is awarded for best debut and best cinematography on National Film Festival Golden Rose 2010.
He directs commercials in Bulgaria, as well as in big part of Europe and Asia.
Works successfully with the Romanian, Belorussian, Kazakh markets.

“In the past I was young and promising, now I am mature and experienced. In last 10 years I have made 1 feature film, 1 documentary, about 9 short films, and more than 300 commercials. I have participated in thousands of festivals and I have won couple awards. Now I am writing my second feature script.”

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